Practicing the lost art of maintenance and repair of antique pocket doors-retrieving knowledge of a bygone era (1875-1925 approx)
In the late 1980s, when customers asked me to fix a pocket door, I said "I'll come to take a look."  I looked high...and I looked low...and every place where a pocket door might go.  I used up a lot of batteries.  After much head scratching, squinting and research, 35 pocket doors gave up their secrets.  In 1992 I closed my furniture repair business to become a stay-at-home father-for 15 years.

  • Incomplete set of wheel assemblies?  Missing hangers?  Ask how I might be able to fabricate or locate replacements.  Send me photos.
  • Broken mechanisms or parts in need of rebuilding? Email details along with good photos.
  • Do you/your contractor require tutoring by email in order to effect a repair? Inquire about compensation. 

From June 14, 1990 Boston Globe Magazine
Now, since the Spring of 2008, Boston has a full time pocket door expert.  I have the skill, the patience and the resources to get your Victorian era sliding doors back to working condition.

Now...when you call, you are getting a seasoned craftsman who has fixed more than 170 sets of pocket doors.  I still might say "I'll come to take a look" and now when I squint, it's because I wear glasses!  Everything about pocket doors calls forth enthusiasm and you will be delighted when you no longer say "We don't use them."
Stephen has the 1980s he appeared on WGBH's "This Old House" program (donated work for the Bigelow project in Newton)-Now specializes in pocket doors-knows them backward and forward!! [groan and bear it <:d)]

message machine

cell 617-792-4676
Email me. Busy here, so gentle reminders are welcome. Or send me a text message (617-792-4676) and follow up with email. Texting is the least intrusive way to reach me-if I'm working on doors or fabricating in the shop.   
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Stephen Thorp   Boston, MA
Restoration of carriage house sliding doors  While I was canvassing a neighborhood rich with Victorian style houses, a couple said to me, "Our pocket doors work fine, but can you fix carriage house doors?"  I spent about 30 minutes on a ladder and on my knees (I looked high and I looked low.  Hmm.  sounds familiar) and expressed confidence that the job could be done.

click this link for info on carriage house,
small stable and old time garage doors.

It is not necessary to demolish sidewalls to repair pocket doors!